Take a load off!

Also think there are too many things we never say? Empazy is the empathic social network where you share your feelings about stuff that matters.

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  • "If you feel what others feel ..."

  • "If you're more than meets the eye ..."

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  • "You are Empazy"


Get things out of your system! A story is a combination of a feeling, a category and whatever you want to say. They are sent in real-time to a random group of people that will each answer back with an "empathy" that only you can read. Everyone is anonymous and there's NO chatting, NO personal profiles, NO reputation and NO exhibitionism. It's sharing your true feelings, freely!


Put yourself in someone else’s shoes! For every story you receive you can answer back with an "empathy", which is a combination of how you think the other person feels, how much you liked their story and whatever you want to answer back. Are you a good listener? Can your answers be valuable help, advice, understanding or inspiration? Come find out!


Want to know how everyone feels around you? What countries, regions, cities, neighborhoods people are writing the most stories? Where are people more empathic or rated? Do others empathize with you? What about you with others? Do people really like what you have to say? Discover more about yourself and how different you really are!

At the end of the day, there's always something left to say. Take a load off with Empazy!